p r i c e s  /  h i n n a d

p o s s i b i l i t i e s  /  v õ i m a l u s e d

2 7 5  €

full participation
'' action theatre special ''
a two week intensive action theatre course
(AT course takes place during 2 weeks,
from the 1st week, the 8th of July until the end of the 2nd week, on the 21st of July)
one afternoon workshop (during the 2nd week) in addition to the AT course in mornings

1 7 5 €

(student discount  1 3 5 €)
full 1week participation
one morning workshop and one afternoon workshop

1 2 5 €

(student discount  9 0 €)
not full 1week participation
one workshop (morning or afternoon) per day

!  k e e p   i n   m i n d   !

during the 1st week
(from the 8th until 14th of July)

action theatre workshop

Monday-Saturday / Esmasp-Laup
10h - 13h
14h - 16h

after the training both studios free for using, free for jams
no organized lunch
different events, evening program etc to be announced

Sunday / Pühapäev

D A Y   O F F
as a warm up for the 2nd week


during the 2nd week
(15th of July - 21th of July)

studio free for jams after the performances only;
for free for the participants: morning warm up + lunch soup +
performances, showings, talks and meetings

Monday-Saturday / Esmasp-Laup

8h - 9h
morning warm up by Sanna
10h - 13h
morning workshop
13h - 15h
lunch + moderated talk with teachers
15h - 18h
afternoon workshop
from 20h
performances and moderated atrist talks afterwards

! Thursday / Neljap !

D A Y   O F F
different possibilities to be announced
studios free for jams, free for using
no organized food. no workshops. no morning warm up

! Sunday / Pühapäev !


O P E N   S T A G E

g o o d   b y e
s e e   y o u   n e x t   y e a r