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sanna myllylahti /finland/

sanna myllylahti is an internationally recognized choreographer, teacher and performer. in her teaching she encourages the natural principles for movements – so often forgotten by the daily routines and built-in habits .the purpose is to rediscover the naturally  instinctive body;  reactive, alert and adaptable to its surrounding.
sanna myllylahti  has been creating her own work since 1995. critics have described her work as being : “surprising”, “human”, “philosophical”, ”absurd”, “physically engaging” and “humorous”.
she is involved in several dance academies as a regular guest teacher in europe and asia. she teaches contemporary technique, movement research and composition. in some academies she has created choreographies for the students. she has been invited to hold  professional workshops and master classes for companies and festivals. she is also responsible for holding auditions for some academies (SEAD, attakkalari).

contemporary dance

the class starts with exercises on the floor, developing slowly from the centre of the body towards the extremities. the exercises focus in finding the relationships and interaction of different body-parts through spiralling/reaching/folding movements based among others principles of release technique.

gradually the work develops into establishing safe and effective strategies of moving into and out of the floor. attention is given specially to the use of  hands while moving on the floor. with strong dynamic movement through space, it is the aim of the class to find a natural, economic and organic sense of movement. this is achieved by learning how to use gravity and centrifugal force to benefit movement, rather than fighting against the laws of nature.

the last part of the class consists of movement phrases, in which the earlier introduced principles can be revisited and explored further.

further information about sanna:

2007    GETTING REAL (with or wihout francesco),  fullmoondance festival, FI
2006    AFTER ALL, routacompany, finland
2004    I KNOW SOMETIMES A MAN IS WRONG, amsterdam theatreschool,
            2nd year students of MTD, ITS festival, NL
2002    EXPLAINING IMPOSSIBLE, folkwang tanzstudio, essen, DE
2002    DARK INTERVALS, korzo theatre, den haag, NL
1999    STILLE STEINE, ballet vorpommern, tanztendenzen, DE
1998    RESTLESS RESTS,  cadance festival, NL
1997    IKKUNA, korzo theatre, NL
1996    STILL ALIVE WITH THE FLOWER, ITS festival, ineke sluiter concours
1995    L’AUTRE COTE DU MANTEAU, ITS festival

1997 prins bernhard foundation subsidy for young choreographers
1996 ineke sluiter prize for the solo STILL ALIVE WITH A FLOWER

teaching in academies:
the amsterdam school of fine arts (departments  SNDO, school for new dance development and  MTD, modern theatre dance)  netherlands
SEAD (salzburg experimental academy of dance)  austria
attakkalari centre for movement arts bangalore, india
national theateracademy of finland (department dance/choreography)
balletacademy gothenburg (sweden)
teaching professionals:
henny jurriens stichting, amsterdam, NL
dansateliers, rotterdam, NL
station zuid, tilburg, NL
düsseldorf tanzhaus, DE
pact- zollverein, essen, DE
folkwang tanzstudio, DE
open look festival, st.petersburg, russia RUS
pyhäjärvi fullmoondance festival, FI
routacompany, FI
norrdans, sweden SE
australian dance theatre, AU


after finishing her professional studies in the theatreschool in amsterdam 1996 with a BA in performing arts, sanna myllylahti has been performing around the world, both with companies and with her own work. she is also an experienced improviser.
next to her dancing she has a background in music (piano,classical singing,, music theory) and  she has been seen on stage as a dancer-musician.  (chronocracy / galili,  bows and bruises / de bont)

professional education:
the school of modern theatre dance/theaterschool amsterdam,
graduation 1996 in performing arts (BA)
danshögskolan , stockholm 1991/1992

other studies:

1991    graduation high school (LAUDATUR)
1978 -91  kajaani music institute,studies of classical music,completed exams in
                 piano solo, singing, music history and theory

personal data:
born in kajaani, finland, 5 april 1972

about dance:
“for me dancing is a constant puzzle. i am continuously looking for new challenges to myself, creating labyrinths, problems to solve for my body and mind. i am finding a great pleasure on this journey in the searching for solutions. dancing has a lot to do with the pleasure of discovery and learning – enjoying how to turn an apparently impossible situation into an opportunity of something new – transformation. i wish to be constantly surprised.
i do not wish to establish  new habits and routines – instead i am curious to find a state of being where ultimately both the body and the mind will have the awareness and the capability to perform any given task in any given moment.
i am interested in practicality of the movement,  the functionality of physicality – i am less concerned about the form. the form is always just an extension of the content – not a purpose in itself.”