byles pespis dance theatre company /international/

mom, wanted a girl.  in stat, i was born, a boy
all my live i felt guilty for the one that i was, that
i am
i still remember her, buying me girls clothes, 
with flowers, red, pink and white, like angels. 

dad, didn't like the idea
he wanted me to become a man, like him self
fighting, he thought, he will make a man out me
i feel pity for them, for my self

i never become a girl that pleases my mom
nor a man, as my father wished to have.

fall is a dance theatre piece made for 4 performers.
it is about life, doubts, relationships and how human
has to deal with reality and his own projections.   the
strong personality of each character, that comes out
in their quality of movement and gestures, the use
of text/voice and specific props  make fall a powerful
and emotional as well as poetic and ironic in the same
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cast, concept, artistic direction, text, costume, light: khosro adibi (iran/ holland/ belgium)

creators and performers: ambjorn goransson (sweden), federica antonelli (italy), piera cattai (italy), ana iommi (argentina/belgium)
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