O F I R   Y U D I L E V I T C H



Concept and choreography
Ofir Yudilevitch

Eshed Avraham & Ben-Ish Revivo

Music by Hakobune - The Leaf Strewn Path, Son Lux - Easy, TNGHT - Higher Ground remix
Co produced by Hazira Jerusalem, Bat Yam Festival for street art and theatre

30 minutes

Gravity is one of the most basic and powerful forces in nature. It acts upon us and upon every physical object in the same way. This force defines the language we use in everyday life: up - down, light - heavy, high art - low art, life - death. Gravity doesn’t care if we land or crash, it will remain the same. We take a moment to play with it. We become pure mass and try to surrender to its blind will.

Gravitas is a performance that combines dance and acrobatics. A Duet which is performed on a Air Floor mat that allows us to explore states of falling and recovering in the street or in the theatre space. The piece premiered in Zirat Machol Festival in Jerusalem in a theatre setting. The second phase of the piece was outdoor premieres in the street performance festival in Bat Yam were we performed in front of families and children. Since then Gravitas was shown in the Israeli showcase International Exposure as well as in dance studios in front of young audiences. Each context creates a new reading of the piece and we are thrilled to have such ranging reactions.


Born in Israel, 1983. Ofir started Capoeira at the age of fifteen. He studied it extensively for ten years, including traveling to Brazil to further his studies. At the time he was also an instructor of Capoeira and acrobatics. In 2007 Ofir started studying contemporary dance at the Professional Dance School Hasadna in Haifa. After graduating Ofir began working with choreographers as a freelance dancer collaborating with Yasmeen Godder, Arkadi Zaides and others. In 2015 Ofir created his first performance, the duet Gravitas which humorously explores themes of danger, risk and masculinity. Gravitas is still touring internationally and has since won the first prize in MASH’s International Dance Competition in Jerusalem (2016). Ofir created two group pieces in 2017- Concrete- a site specific work for the Bat Yam International Street Festival and For Real- a piece that explores the redeeming qualities of falling. Ofir also collaborated with Chinese Choreographer Yang Zhen to create their duet Far & Middle for Julidans (2017) in which the two dance and contemplate on their place as dance makers in relation to the European dance scene . In 2018 he created Chamada- a group piece for Entre Nós Dance Collective in Natal, Brazil. Ofir is currently studying philosophy and art history in the Open University.

BEN-ISH REVIVO - Performer / Circus Artist
Ben-Ish started dancing as a teen in the Jerusalem Academy high school for Dance and Music. After graduating he was accepted to the Bat Sheva Ensemble where he danced for a season. After this, Ben-Ish quit dancing and traveled the world as a hikerThis is where he was introduced to contemporary circus. Ben-Ish joined the Sandciel Circus School and learned the different circus disciplines, focusing on rope and hand to hand acrobatics. Ben-Ish entered as a dancer in Gravitas in 2019. He is also part of a Circus Ensemble currently creating their first collaborative project. He is an acrobat/dancer in Ofir Nahari’s piece Heavenly.

ESHED AVRAHAM - Performer / Bboy
In 2006 Eshed Avraham made his first steps in dancing as a B-boy (Break-dancer). Over many years he practiced without any teachers, participating and competing in various break-dance events. In 2008 Avraham formed break-dance crew "ELEFUNX" together with a few colleagues. The crew has competed in numerous events since; in July 2017 they won the Israeli breakdance crew competition before representing Israel at the "Battle of the Year" international championships in October 2017 in Germany. In 2015 Avraham started studying at UDI School (Urban Dance Intensive), combining classical ballet lessons with different street and hip-hop techniques. From the summer of 2017 onwards, Avraham stepped in as a dancer and acrobat performer in Gravitas by Israeli choreographer Ofir Yudilevitch.


"The duet Gravitas is impressive in Ofir and Asher’s passion to use their bodies to discover the movement possibilities that are born from giving in to gravityThe beauty lies in the mixture between the extreme physical effort and its fusion with the pleasure of the embraced fall. This type of material can broaden the borders of movement in dance."
Ruth Eshel, Haaretz.

"By placing the huge mattress in the middle of the street the performance draws attention to the complete stop of the regular movement that normally occurs on it, and proposes instead a close observation at a different kind of movement. What starts off as basic attempts of balancing that every person knows from his daily life evolves into a very physical interaction that combines contemporary dance, capoeira and acrobatics and that challenges gravity in an extreme sense that does not exist in reality."
Idit Suslik

"Yudilevitch’s Gravitas, performed on an Air Floor by the choreographer and Asher Ben Shalom, let force, gravity, falling, crashing, jumping, along with amble doses of oneupmanship, take center stage in one of the most original and minimalist works of the festival. Although there was plenty of understated acrobatic virtuosity in their rather reckless form of risk taking, there was also a sense of restraint, in that each challenge between the dancers need be nothing more than it was. The tension between the two men was enough, even in their silent mid piece water break. I appreciated the paradox of a rough-hewn performance embedded in a tightly structured contest."
Nancy Wozny