C R I S   B L A N C O ,  J O R G E   D U T O R

G U I L L E M   M O N T   D E   P A L O L

L O   P E Q U E N O

lo pequeno

Jorge Dutor
and Guillem Mont de Palol have been artistic partners since 2009. They play with language, the absurd and the everyday. Cris Blanco works with the blend of theatrical genres, the transformation of codes and objects, visual tricks, literalness and live music. The three of them share a language, a sense of humor and an understanding of the scene. In different ways, they have always been close in their processes. Humor, the construction of obvious fictions, the absurd, the strange, the interplay of reality and fiction, sublimating the everyday, the anodyne, the domestic, questioning theatrical conventions and the non-spectacular spectacular are all part of their work.

lo pequeno

Their first collaboration, called Lo Mínimo, is been made of 2 pieces: Lo pequeño (premiered in May 2018 in La Pedrera-Barcelona) and Lo mínimo a piece for all audience (premiered in April 2019 in El Mercat de les Flors)

In Lo pequeño we worked on artifice and the lie, and our approach to it, which is to make theatrical machinery and strategies visible. Using a situation in a loosely defined space and time as a starting point, we create small situations or mini-spectacles to each other playing with reality and fiction, anticipation, expectations, and showmanship.

The literal or absurd resolutions of these individual components conform and create the dramatic piece as a sort of game creating complicity with the audience.

lo pequeno

Creation and interpretation
Cris Blanco
Jorge Dutor
Guillem Mont de Palol

Sound design
Carlos Parra


La Pedrera - Barcelona


lo pequeno