A N D R E S   N O O R M E T S

E S K O   S A L E R V O



It's said that the human's life is a circle, starting with the birth and closing with the leaving from here. The ones who believe in incarnations, draw those circles as a spiral, above to each other. Wheel is a practical expression of circle, which helps us to manage daily. The wheel of karma. The wheel of time. The wheel of life. Even in the government we have/had our own wheel. (Referring to Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, who's last name "ratas" means "wheel" in Estonian)

But what happens when somebody's life circle doesn't get ready for some reason, if between the beginning and the end a ring-size opening remains. Through which the dark matter runs in, not letting the peace and the balance to rule. How to be if such a mistake goes on for generations and overshadows the light? If there's a transparent lock in front of the happiness and joyfulness, if the key is missing and even the google-ing doesn't help. What to do then?

This theatre piece takes you into exactly such a puzzle. In the centre of the story there's the secrets of one family, through four generations. On the stage, the daily life meets the hidden worlds, and the big and decisive questions will be waiting to get solved.

In addition to all previously mentioned, also two different performing styles will meet on the stage. Performing styles which both are standing in a different pole of the theatre world. These are: Estonian psychological text based theatre, grown out from the school of Stanislavski and the Action Theatre technique, created by the American improviser/performer/artist Ruth Zaporah. 

This meeting is not only a symbolic one. Stanislavski's method will be represented by his student's student's student Luule Komissarov, by his student's student's student's students Marika Palm, Rait Õunapuu and Andres Noormets. The method of Ruth Zaporah' will be represented by its creator herself. The text which will be the basis of the meeting is written for Ugala Theatre especially for that occasion by a Finnish dramaturge Esko Salervo and Andres Noormets himself. The world's premiere is on June 27, in Ugala Theatre's big stage. The performance will be shown on June 28, 29, 30 and on July 7.

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