M U N A   M U S S I E


muna mussie

An oasis is a lure, a refuge, an apparition, a possible salvation.

In Muna Mussie’s imaginary world it is a transparent bubble, a fragile microcosm,
a closed, secluded place, yet one still visible to outside eyes.

MUNA MUSSIE, an Eritrean artist now living in Bologna, embarked on this new investigative project following the finale of her previous work, Milite Ignoto (Unknown Soldier), in which the grandmother, a lady whose name is Milite, reflects on the phantasm who like the animals, no longer knows where to hide once the city starts encroaching.

Here is the fear of fish, air, floods, cats, a whale that watches us, the infinite:
perhaps the phantasms and animals are hiding in our fears and fantasies.

Oasis is the place to go and welcome and free them.

muna mussie

The work of Muna Mussie investigates the performing arts and the scenic languages to give shape to the tension that flows between different expressive poles, through gesture, vision and word.

Among her productions: Più che piccola, media (2007), Con Permesso (2008), Ti ho sognato, ma non eri il protagonista (2010). She is co-author with Flavio Favelli of the collection of clothing FFMM (2007-2009). FFMM (2007-2009). Among the international projects: Monkey See, Monkey Do (Chapter I-II, 2011-2012); followed by the installation and performance Milite Ignoto (2015) and the performance Oasi (2018) investigating minor history and the phantasma. Visual interventions include the project Punteggiatura (2018) based on the practice of sewing, which sees the language as a political-affective space.

Her work has been presented at Art Fall/PAC Ferrara, Raum and Live Arts Week Bologna, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Torino, Museo Marino Marini Firenze, Workspace Brussels, MAMbo Bologna, Màntica Cesena, Santarcangelo Festival, Viafarini Milano, Ipercorpo Festival, Museion Bolzano, Festival Pergine Spettacolo, Sale Docks Venezia, ERT Bologna.

Awards: Riccione TTV-premio Pier Vittorio Tondelli/Nuovi Talenti 2008, Performance day 2008, segnalazione Premio Iceberg 2009, Premio Mondo 2010.

muna mussie