D I E G O   G I L

T H E   H A L F


In THE HALF by multiplying strategies of separation between the traditionally fused mediums of a dance performance: music / movement / stage / light, we are seeking to reach and demonstrate emergent forms of interaction in constellation themselves beyond any bodies singular intention.

Starting point of THE HALF is the shared conviction that the politically incorrect gesture of HALVING - breaking away from the socially privileged rhetoric of being whole (as individual) and together (as a group) - is the only way to care about the identities and communities that are to come.

In the making of four different dance solos we attempt to test this philosophical conviction inside our artistic practice.

The Half performance had premiere in 2010, and was restaged in 2018 for Tanznacht Festival (Berlin).

With the support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Wiederaufnahme Funds, and Stichiting Table Talk. In cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin, Potsdamfabrik, Veem House Amsterdam and Concordia University Montreal.

Choreography / Dramaturgy

Dramaturgy / Choreography

Performance / Choreography

Performance / Light / Choreography

Performance / Choreography

Performance / Sound / Choreography


Diego Gil is a choreographer, performer and philosopher that studied in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development (BA), Das Choreography (MA) and became a PhD candidate at the Interdisciplinary Humanities program of Concordia University in Montreal.

Igor Dobricic studied dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, (former) Yugoslavia and attended Master of Theatre at Das Arts in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Oihana Altube Lorea is a performer based in Madrid. She began her studies in classical dance, continued her training at SEAD, and holds a Master in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

Pablo Fontdevila is a choreographer, performer and designer, born in Argentina. Graduated from the School for New Dance Development (Bachelor of Dance - SNDO, Amsterdam, NL).

Felix Marchand studied at the Erika Klütz school (School for dance pedagogic) in Hamburg/Germany and at the European Dance Development Centre (EDDC) in Arnhem / Netherlands. In 2009 he finished his MA in Solo Dance Authorship (SoDA) at the Co-operative Dance Education Centre – Berlin.

Tian Rotteveel studied music composition in the Netherlands (2002-2009) and choreography at HZT-UDK Berlin (2010).

the half

the piece will be shown on July 8 at 8pm in the main festival venue!
followed by moderated artist talk

Diego and Igor will be also leading one of the morning workshops