e a r l y   m o r n i n g   w a r m   u p

A l e x i s   S t e e v e s

M O R N I N G   Y O G A   P R A C T I C E


Through active and restorative Asana (poses) and Pranayama (breath work) we will greet the day with a yawn, a stretch and a deliciously big breath. We will use techniques to awaken our senses toward observation, spark the heat of our breath and move our sleepy bones into a day of dance, performance and play.

ALEXIS STEEVES is a dance artist whose choreography flows directly out of an ongoing performative practice. She produces work with her collaborators HAM (high art moment) and from within her solo performance, titled Dead Reckoning. Recently, she has performed alongside Dages Keates in their original work for M. Llorens show L’Intrus presented at Tabakalera, International Center for Contemporary Culture (Spain), in collaboration with Diana Sirianni’s Neubarock installation Small Dance at Fresh Window Gallery in New York and for Rosalind Crisp’s LIVE FEED for Tanzfabrik in Berlin.

Alexis has sustained a private practice in therapeutic massage for 18 years. She is certified in Structural Integration through the teachings of Ida Rolf and Tom Myers. She has incorporated yoga into all of her bodywork and teaching practices.

Previously, Alexis’ work has been presented at DanceSpace, Brooklyn Arts Exchange and BRIC in New York, Danc(E)Union at Southbank Center (UK) and Kanuti Gildi Saal (Estonia). She has received support from the Estonian Cultural Endowment Fund and the Estonian Embassy. Alexis has worked as a guest teaching artist at the Tallinn University Dance Department (Estonia) and Bard High School Early College (New York). She received a BA in dance choreography from Bard College.