a f t e r n o o n   w o r k s h o p

C H A N G   C H A N D R U A N G

t h e   t h e a t r e   a p p r o a c h

o f   t h e   s o u t h  -  e a s t


Workshop by Janaprakal Chang Chandruang
from Moradokmai Theatre Community in Thailand

The workshop will clear up the differences
between the West and the East
theatre and arts disciplines.



Deravaj Buddhism approach: the conservative way (the way it hasn’t changed), to mainly concentrate on breathing. We shall explore the stage of mindfulness, led by our own breath in all the possible movements and also the non-movement aspects.


Flute meditation: since we have already explored the method of how to be mindful through breathing, we can now try to implement the method and learn new techniques on the traditional Thai instrument call klui. Mindfulness can easily be found and practiced in art forms. This flute meditation is just a form of art that can lead to others. Besides, you will be learning some traditional Thai tunes.


Dance meditation: the preparation towards Thai classical dance can be a golden chance of getting yourself into the realm of self-realization. Knowing your own capabilities can be the most advantageous step. You can also start to understand why the South-East ordinary walking steps are much slower than ones from the West.

The workshop will clear up the differences
between the West and the East
theatre and arts disciplines.



The four noble paths approach: What is suffering? Where does suffering come from? What is it like, without suffering? How to be without suffering?

How to be without suffering.

The approach to make a clear goal or message in your theatre work and it can be the structure of every story. The last question of how to be without suffering is what we deal with in order to come up with the three gems of foundation of your story. We will try to construct a theatre piece through the question by using three visual forms, sounds, lyrics and movements as the approach to create your story.


Writing of the East always includes those who hate writing.
Conditional action leads to the cause and to the result. We will squeeze out the theme which is led by your personal sight of miracles. The positive approach to the complicating conflicts. Writing is not to write anything. The right theme, right character and right situation will write your story while you are so empty to select any encrustations to your core plot.  Then you have your actors write your story for you.

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