a f t e r n o o n   w o r k s h o p

P e t e r   S t a m e r

D i e g o   A g u l l ó

T H E   W A I T I N G   R O O M



Hello, great that you are reading this! Instead of giving you a full description of our workshop we thought it would be best to ask you a couple of simple questions:

1. Would you be interested in participating in a workshop that asks you to apply your proper artistic and personal skills in it?

A Yes B Of course C Hell yeah

2. Even if this entails sharing with or teaching your practice to other participants?

A Sure B No problem at all C Great idea

3. And would you be ready to have your practice reinterpreted by other participants for we will be developing a larger performative framework during that workshop?

A Say what?!  B Uhm, I am not sure C Come again?! 
what you mean?!


4. Ok, let’s rephrase: would you be willing to spend your time on a workshop in which the participants don’t only share their practices with each other but together develop a project that we call THE WAITING ROOM in which spaces for encounters between strangers are being opened, where we play with the social rules of curiosity and interest, everyday behaviour and communication, where we are not only making use of our skills but also develop assessment set-ups, one-on-one situation rooms for real encounters and more-than-real questionnaires to playfully assess and test human habits?

A Well, if you B Sounds like a good plan  C Why not actually? 
put it like that

Cool! If you have answered all of those questions with either A, B or C you are the perfect candidate for this workshop. In that case, we would really like to have you with us!

Now, what do we need from you? Nothing in particular. Just sign up for the workshop, then we will take it from there. Sounds good? Sounds amazing! 

Make room for The Waiting Room -
There is not better room for this!


PETER STAMER is a Berlin and Vienna-based theatre maker in the context of contemporary performing arts. Next to his works on stage, he is exploring conditions for discursive and physical empowerment within given social and narrative apparatuses. In other words: he likes creating performative playgrounds together with other people and players in order to engage in and learn from the game of everyday behaviour.

DIEGO AGULLÓ is an independent researcher and a dilettante artist intervening mainly in the field of contemporary dance and performance investigating the affinity between Body and Event. His practice operates in the intersection between education and art, dilettantism and professionalism and it covers different media such as dance, performance, essay writing, publishing books, video art, laboratories for research, the organization of participatory events. Diego is the editor of the Circadian press where he has published Dangerous Dances (2015) in which he analyzes the intimate affinity between dance, the problem, the devil and ballistics, and Betraying Ambition (2017) where he displays a critique to the ideological implications of ambition in the art world.

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