m o r n i n g   w o r k s h o p

I g o r   D o b r i c i c

D i e g o   G i l

W A Y S   O F   F O L L O W I N G   P R O C E S S E S

the half

In this workshop we will practice ways of following artistic processes. In principle, we want to invite you to participate in the rehearsals of The Half performance and share some techniques with you. 

This performance is choreographed through techniques to listen 'movement', whereas movements are defined as forms of processes. These are techniques to listen the movement of the physiological systems of the body, the music, and to the atmosphere of the room. Further on, these are techniques to follow the movements' arc of the body, sound and atmospheres half completely. These techniques are meant to follow movements half-completely, because the aim is to register the movements' momentums that continue growing, beyond our habitual modes of perceiving. In short, what we will be searching are ways to listen to the ecology of movements that can’t be perceived by habitual modes of engaging with body perception. 

Pragmatically, we will research these modes of listening by spending time together, following the rehearsal of The Half project, learning the techniques of the project and eventually doing short readings (one page) of process philosophy.

DIEGO GIL is a choreographer, performer and philosopher that studied in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development (BA), Das Choreography (MA) and became a PhD candidate at the Interdisciplinary Humanities program of Concordia University in Montreal.

IGOR DOBRICIC studied dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, (former) Yugoslavia and attended Master of Theatre at Das Arts in Amsterdam, Netherlands.