m o r n i n g   w o r k s h o p   f o r   k i d s !

E s h e d   A v r a h a m

B e n - I s h   R e v i v o

b e t w e e n   d a n c e   &   a c r o b a t i c s

g r a v i t a s   w o r k s h o p


In the piece GRAVITAS we explore a playful relation to Gravity and to dancing with each other. We create a sense of game with danger and with falling that plays on the borders of dance and acrobatics.

In this workshop we will explore this movement language of Gravitas. Eshed, a breakdancer and a performer in the piece will teach vocabulary from breakdance that deals with going in and out of the floor. Ben-Ish, a performer in the piece coming from circus will teach the partnering aspects of the piece coming from his acrobalance and circus partnering practices

In the last two days of the workshop the participants will also experience working on the airfloor that is used in Gravitas. They will learn some moments from the piece exploring jumping, bouncing and falling in a playful way with a safe and supported environment. Through this workshop we hope to teach the participants the basics of our approach to acrobatics and dance and to introduce them to the different techniques used in our piece. It will be an energetic, fun, playful week.


BEN-ISH REVIVO - Performer / Circus Artist
Ben-Ish started dancing as a teen in the Jerusalem Academy high school for Dance and Music. After graduating he was accepted to the Bat Sheva Ensemble where he danced for a season. After this, Ben-Ish quit dancing and traveled the world as a hiker. This is where he was introduced to contemporary circus. Ben-Ish joined the Sandciel Circus School and learned the different circus disciplines, focusing on rope and hand to hand acrobatics. Ben-Ish entered as a dancer in Gravitas in 2019. He is also part of a Circus Ensemble currently creating their first collaborative project. He is an acrobat/dancer in Ofir Nahari’s piece Heavenly.

ESHED AVRAHAM - Performer / Bboy
In 2006 Eshed Avraham made his first steps in dancing as a B-boy (Break-dancer). Over many years he practiced without any teachers, participating and competing in various break-dance events. In 2008 Avraham formed break-dance crew "ELEFUNX" together with a few colleagues. The crew has competed in numerous events since; in July 2017 they won the Israeli breakdance crew competition before representing Israel at the "Battle of the Year" international championships in October 2017 in Germany. In 2015 Avraham started studying at UDI School (Urban Dance Intensive), combining classical ballet lessons with different street and hip-hop techniques. From the summer of 2017 onwards, Avraham stepped in as a dancer and acrobat performer in Gravitas by Israeli choreographer Ofir Yudilevitch.