m o r n i n g   w o r k s h o p

G u i l l e m   M o n t   D e   P a l o l

O P E N   D O O R S

l a b o r a t o r y


This is a (hopefully when the weather conditions allows it) outdoors movement research training practice where to work on individual and group consciusness, attention and perception of the body/-ies in movement.

We will dive into different practices like: kundalini yoga as an energetic practice, silent moving/walking as a meditative practice, folded eyes (hopefully outdoors) improvisation as a listening practice, chakras consciousness as an alignment practice and breathing and sounding body as a voice practice, in order to open channels and doors of perception towards a connected body.

When having the possibility of working outdoors, I would like to explore the relationship between body, landscape and environment with the aim of playfully testing a body that becomes more and more open to different realities of moving and being present. The work then will be focused on embodying nature while becoming landscape..

I would like to propose an exploratory, holistic, very playfull, safe and queer space where we will practice and support each other in our personal physical experiences.


GUILLEM MONT DE PALOL (Girona,1978): I am based in Barcelona. I was graduated from the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in 2006. I am doing my own work since 2009 when I started to collaborate with Jorge Dutor. Together we have been presenting our work in national and international contexts. Some of our projects are: Y por qué John Cage? (2011), #LosMicrófonos (2013), This Movie (2013) and Grand Applause (2016). Lo Mínimo (2019) is the first collaboration with Jorge Dutor, Cris Blanco and me. I’ve worked for other choreographers as a dancer/performer such as Xavier Le Roy (Retrospective 2012), Mette Ingvartsen (Giant City -2009-, All the way ut there -2010-, The Artificial Nature Project -2012-, Fréderic Gies (7 thirty in tights -2013-), Vincent Dunoyer (Encore -2007-) among others. I am a kundalini yogi and I try to be engaged with pedagogical activites around dance, movement and performance practices.