e a r l y   m o r n i n g   w a r m   u p

H s u a n  -  H s i u

Q I   G O N G

m o v i n g   m e d i t a t i o n


We will be going through a simple movement routine everyday to activate our Dan Tian (energy centers) as well as to open the channels and meridians, this includes a tapping/drumming exercise which helps us reconnect to our tissues, relax the mind and body and allow the subtle energy to flow naturally. The routine movements originate from 'Tai Chi rejuvenating practice (太極返還功)' and 'Lotus Qi Gong (蓮花養氣功)', both emphasize nurturing and cultivating Qi through gentle movements and mental imagery.

We will learn new movements and revisit old movements everyday to gain familiarity, through that, settle our mind into deeper awareness. The sessions give you a taste of how the mind and body work inseparably in creating a healthy state of being. It also aims to prepare you to be able to go home and continue practicing yourself.


HSUAN-HSIU has studied closely under a great Qi Gong master in Taiwan for over 10 years. It has been her practice of life and meditation. Cultivating the subtle energy with movement in Qi Gong has lead her to dancing professionally, teaching and sharing the practice with people to improve the well-being of mind and body. Hsuan-Hsiu teaches Qi Gong and contemplative movement practice weekly in London, and in the last years has taught Qi Gong in group meditation retreats in Estonia, Austria as well as workshops in France, UK, USA, India and Singapore.

In addition to Qi Gong, she has trained in visual art, modern dance, meditation and somatic practices. In her own embodied research, she blurs the boundaries of these practices and integrates them a creative tool to discover oneself and connect with others  

She has choreographed and performed in NYC at the New Steps Choreographer Series, WestFest Dance Festival, and Dance Theater of Harlem emerging choreographer series. In 2017, she was invited to be the Assistant Artistic Director for the largest musical dance theater in Nepal. Currently she is a faculty member of Danial Goleman: Social Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certificate in US, developing contemplative movement practices to promote personal and social awareness in people.

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