a f t e r n o o n   w o r k s h o p

D A N C I N G   T H E   P R O B L E M

D i e g o   A g u l l ó


The research behind this workshop is to investigate what is the intimate affinity between dance and danger. The premise of this workshop is that dance must be forced to happen instead of being the result of a benevolent desire to move: DANCE will be the result of exposing yourself to the conditions of DANGER.

The practice consists of using tennis balls as projectiles to be thrown at each others bodies while being blindfolded: this conditions trigger a process of embodiment of danger that is not meant to be a masochistic experience but rather an affirmative one: how dance can channel negativity into affirmation? Each participant will go through a process of self knowledge understanding what is the way that they relate to problems not only with the body but also in their daily life.


DIEGO AGULLÓ is an independent researcher and a dilettante artist intervening mainly in the field of contemporary dance and performance investigating the affinity between Body and Event. He is dedicated to create contexts for learning and researching in the frame of an artistic practice. It deals with the intersection between education and art, dilettantism and professionalism. In this light, the artistic practice becomes a way of practicing philosophy.

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