m o r n i n g   w o r k s h o p

S E E I N G   B Y   M O V I N G

F o r n i e r   O r t i z


What do we see, what do we feel and visualize while moving?

The class has a gentle start to welcome the dancers into the space. It begins with exercises focusing on experiencing diverse bodily textures, sensations and impulses. Attention is given to question together the way we focus, look and experience our body in relation to others and the surrounding.

The quality of the movement vocabulary is based on exploring the physical and anatomical possibilities of the body, with a special focus on the continuous movement of the spine. The goal is to prepare the muscular system from the center towards the extremities in order to create more space within the joints. The class explores the diverse connections of the body, sensing and seeing in relation to the surrounding. The exercises aim to build up a physically strong body while constantly exploring how the movements of the spine relates to the rest of the body.

FORNIER ORTIZ is an experienced dancer and teacher living in Helsinki. He has been teaching his movement research in multiple places across Europe. He has been dedicated to develop his own vocabulary based on a rigorous study of the structural and physical possibilities of the spine relating to the functioning of the body.