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B O D Y   I S   V O I C E

H e i n i   N u k a r i


Body is Voice is about discovering ways to bring movement, breath and voice together. The work offers tools and pathways to explore the variety of sounds, movement and stillness. The idea is to develop ourselves towards a creative state where the movement and voice are equally present ways of expression

Breathing, moving and vocal exercises are inspired by Roy Hart Voice work, Release Technique, Body-Mind Centering (BMC), Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement among others. Solo, partner and group exercises and improvisations enhance the ability to listen, generate unique movement and vocal material and stay in tune with the present moment


HEINI NUKARI (1972) is a Finnish dance-voice artist, performer and body-oriented voice teacher. She has a long experience as a performer and explorer of movement and voice improvisation. She is also studying and practising Chinese medicine since 2014. The holistic perspective on body, mind and nature is essential to her teaching and performing.

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