m o r n i n g   w o r k s h o p

S E I T A I   S H I A T S U   &

Q I G O N G   A N M O

K a u k o   U u s o k s a


Seitai Shiatsu master Kiyoshi Kato started studying Anmo massage 1932. While working in his clinic in Osaka, Japan, I was his direct student, and learned his method. Anmo is a traditional oriental bodytherapy. Oldest writings about it are over 3500yrs old.

Qigong Anmo is a special oriental bodywork technique
to balance yin and yang and thus activate body┬┤s potentials.

During the workshop we will practice to ourselves and with partner.


KAUKO UUSOKSA has practiced several Qigong (Chi Kung) methods since seventies, including ways to train Qi energy in and around us by stretching, massage and movement, breathing, silent concentration and meditation, visualization and through inner cultivation of elixir.