m o r n i n g   w o r k s h o p

E M P T Y   B O D Y

M e h d i   F a r a j p o u r


EMPTY BODY is a creative movement and a contemporary choreographic method where Dance, Theatre, Performance & Poetry come together. The method is profoundly inspired by Persian poetry and is formed by Mehdi. The main challenge for practicers of this method is how to reach  the state of Emptiness in the mind as well as in the body

The same goal as for Hindus: SAMADHI (समाधि)
or for Dervishes: FANA (فقر و فنا)
or for Buddhists: Nirvana (निर्वाण)

Empty body is the most proper form of body for dancers as well as for performers as it is the purest form of being which does not carry any character nor any characteristics.

Examples of exercises: Unbalanced stability / Gravity transfer / Alienation (Body is an object to live with) / Living in the absolute surrealism / Animating a picture / Moving slowly or slow-motion / Falling or dropping / Creative choreographic games / Writing with body / Random choreography etc.


Mehdi FARAJPOUR is a Paris based choreographer and artistic director for ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company. He began as a theatre artist but now is considered as conceptual performance artist. His artistic career covers various art fields such as dance, theatre, video, poetry, performance and installation art. He divides his time between creating shows for the company and teaching his creative movement method called EMPTY BODY.

Examples of the venues & festivals where Mehdi’s works (shows & workshops) have been presentend: IMPULSTANZ festival (Vienna, Austria), PUF (Pula, Croatia), OPERA-PRIMA festival (Rovigo, Italy), Institut du Monde Arabes (Paris, France), Istrian National Theatre (Croatia), NOTAFE (Estonia), SOLO festival (Moscow, Russia), TESZT festival (Romania), CRICOTEKA (Tadeusz Kantor’s Museum in Krakow), Wroclaw National Art Museum (Poland), FIAT festival (Montenegro), TANZFAKTUR (Cologne), MOHO festival (Perm, Russia), Contemporary Choreography festival (Omsk, Russia), Londrina Dance Festival (Londrina, Brazil), Teatro Santa Isabel (Recife, Brazil), Kypria Festival (Limassol & Nicosia, Cyprus) etc.