Juan Domínguez

"iT doesn'T havE tO interesT mE"

July 11, 2024
at 7.30pm

concept, writing and performing
by Juan Domínguez

In this performative talk Juan puts into practice the concepts of time, language and performativity to explore, in a poetic and abstract way, the sensations of feeling loss, absence and going through mourning, the passage of time and isolation. An affective conceptualisation of those emotions that remain non-negotiable when they reach you, as are the storms that do not let you walk, if not at the risk of returning, at least soaked, exhausted, with that face... or not to do so, not to return ever.

It doesn't have to interest me 

How good this talk is going to be for the field!

What field? - Which talk?

I enter a place and little by little I enter different dimensions of it to end up in a different place
without knowing where I am or how I got there, but without feeling that I am lost. 

I don't think about whether it interests me or not, it doesn't have to interest me,
I feel and I feel good here.

When I leave I will want to come back, will I? So many places where I felt good that I haven't come back to.

I think that's what this talk is about, going back.

Going back? – This Talk?

Juan Domínguez

Juan Domínguez is a Spanish artist, choreographer, performer and curator based Berlin. Over the last three decades he has been engaged in projects that could be labeled as expanded choreographic practices or at the intersection between performance and live art. Over these years one major concern has been rethinking the potential of life art by constantly questioning life art conventions and Western expectations of spectatorship. 

As a curator he has directed festivals and organized different curatorial projects in Madrid, Paris, Kortrijk, Hamburg, a.o.

His practice expands into different educational programs at universities and festivals as a workshop facilitator and mentor.  

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