Kauko Uusoksa


July 8-12

morning sessions
10am - 1pm
Calming the mind and
meditative qigong of Jing Gong - Silent Practice,
Cun Si - Imagination Travel and
Inner Universe - Neidan Elixir Methods

afternoon sessions
3pm - 6pm
dynamic Daoyin Methods and exercises
to adjust body, breath and mind

Kauko Uusoksa

He started practicing yoga and martial arts as a teenager. After achieving a black belt in Shorinji Kempo, he traveled to Japan to study martial arts in 1977. Since then, he lived in Japan for about 7 years, studying and working at Kato Sensei's seitai shiatsu clinic.

Kauko started qigong related training in mid seventies and met his most important Qigong teacher Tsumura Sensei in 1986.

Kauko Uusoksa founded the Finnish Qigong association in 1988 and has continued to teach and study intensively. He has also been involved in organizing and creating Jianshen Qigong in China. Jiansheng Qigong, or Health Qigong, comprises old traditional exercises that have been rearranged into standardized forms. He was a member in the founding of the International Jianshen Qigong Association. 

Currently, Kauko Uusoksa is actively studying and teaching traditional and modern forms of Qigong from moving Daoyin forms to Neidan - Inner Elixir alchemy.