Juan Domínguez

a workshop titled as

afternoon workshop
3 pm - 6pm
July 8-12

This workshop aims to explore editing texts that resonate with each participant, whether it's our own work or that of other authors. Through methodical exercises curated by Juan from various of his projects, we will apply different filters to uncover and unveil different avenues of perception, revealing alternative performative aspects within these texts.

The goal is to shift our perception in relation to the reality that surrounds us. Additionally, we will explore the potential of various physical tools in conjunction with the refined texts to create diverse experiences, fostering a space for experimentation and discussion where we can broaden our understanding of activating text on a performative level.

Juan will also share insights from his writing practice intertwined with his recent venture into ceramics. This exploration delves into the essence and materiality of clay, drawing parallels with language and investigating the translation and exchange between the distinct methodologies inherent in both practices.

His curiosity lies in observing the reciprocal influence of these mediums, exploring the sensorial, narrative, performative, and transformative qualities of clay and language. Through this exploration, he aims to uncover new aesthetic connections arising from their dialogue, exploring the possibilities that emerge when these two mediums intersect.

Juan's artistic journey consistently navigates the realms of time, language, and performativity. For this workshop, he intends to apply these concepts to clay, treating it as if it were text, and vice versa. Much like clay necessitates specific conditions for shaping – precise humidity levels, careful drying, firing, painting, and glazing – text also follows its own temporalities, logics, and narratives.

This research seeks to unveil how the unique temporality of ceramics can inform and reshape textual narratives, and conversely, how language can influence the creation of ceramic works.

Juan Domínguez

Juan Domínguez is a Spanish artist, choreographer, performer and curator based Berlin. Over the last three decades he has been engaged in projects that could be labeled as expanded choreographic practices or at the intersection between performance and live art. Over these years one major concern has been rethinking the potential of life art by constantly questioning life art conventions and Western expectations of spectatorship. 

As a curator he has directed festivals and organized different curatorial projects in Madrid, Paris, Kortrijk, Hamburg, a.o.

His practice expands into different educational programs at universities and festivals as a workshop facilitator and mentor.  

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